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Biomass Commercial Wood Fuelled Boiler/ Biomass Heating installation


Carbon neutral power generation: a biomass boiler burns renewable fuel to generate hot water for direct use or heating purposes.

biomass boilers are suitable for residential, commercial and even district heat applications. They can be particularly good solutions for Grade 2 listed buildings or other buildings with high heat loss. 


Get to know biomass boilers


The fuel they burn is in a constant carbon cycle and is generally a waste product from the left over material from other processes. For example, trees are cut down, the "good" wood is used for manufacture and the rest is scrap or waste. The waste is split into two components. The first is used to fuel a biomass pellet production process and the second is converted via the process into pellets. This leaves only a small amount of ash that is put back into the land. New trees are planted to replace the old in controlled forestry management. The new trees grow and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In return the biomass fuel pellets are burnt releasing that carbon dioxide and the cycle is closed. So, no additional carbon dioxide is generated and energy is produced. Energy enters the cycle from the trees capturing sunlight; nature's solar panels.



Biomass boilers are available for single dwellings for installation in a boiler room and also available as prefabricated container solutions, simple to locate outside existing buildings. They can also be moved to a new location if required. Perfect when conditions in the location do not allow installation in the existing boiler room, or make it significantly more difficult.



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