Alert! New Gas Rule

New Gas Safe Regulation : From 1 January 2013, any of our Gas Safe registered engineers will TURN OFF gas supply to the boiler in any property that has flues which run in ceiling spaces, and formally advise the property owner that the system is at "RISK" as it could put you in danger from carbon monoxide poisioning and the sytem isn't not to be used until inspection hatches have been fitted in appropriate placesYou will need to take action! The inspection hatches have to be fitted as soonest as possible.



Ease of Payment

We accept credit / debit cards for your convenience.This is useful when you come across emergency situations such as a serious water leak; it has to be sorted out  to protect your property or a nightmare heating problem in your rented property while you are not present or are in abroad. You can just make the payment via C/C or BACS transfer in anywhere 24/7 - It’s that
easy!  We carry out all COMMERCIAL CATERING, GAS and other commercial trades.


 24 Hour Call Out

We provide gas,plumbing,air-con and multi-trade services to commercial and domestic clients  with professionalism at all times from normal business days throughout festive periods Christmas, New Year,all holidays. Let's us deal with all emergencies for you. Call us anytime on : 02071667835 / 07765329957 (24 hrs a day)


Trusted Family Run!

As a FAMILY FORMED company you will have peace of mind that we will go extra miles for you.  You will be looked after well by all of us.  We have been recommended twice by “Time Out”  London.  We received many business awards  : Training & Delvelopment 2008, Best New Business 2010, Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 - 2011 and Growing Business 2012

07765329957 British Museum WC2 Commercial Central Heating Boiler Repair WC1 Aldersgate, EC2,EC3,EC4 No Hot Water Repair Angel,Lloyd's of London Aldgate, St Paul's,St Luke's

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“Reliable Family Run (Husband & Wife Formed)”

"Twice recommended by"Time Out" London in 2006"

"Finalist of the Training and Development Barking & Dagenham Business Awards 2008" 
"Finalist of  the "Best New Business"  and " Entrepreneur of the year" Kingston  Business Awards 2010"


British Museum WC2 Gas Central Heating Boiler Repair WC1 No Hot Water Repair Aldersgate, EC2,EC3,EC4 Angel,Lloyd's of London Aldgate,Barbican 24 Hour Electric Heating Soho Engineer St Paul's,Mansion House Recommended Boiler Installation St Luke's


Combination boilers and system boilers both carry pressure gauges and we're often asked about the pressure shown on these gauges. Any sealed central heating system needs an expansion vessel, a pressure gauge and a pressure relief safety valve. 


If you heat water it expands. In an open vented central heating system (with a header tank) some of the water moves back up into the header tank. The expansion does not increase the overall volume of water by a huge amount (maybe 3 or 4 litres, depending on the size of the heating system) but it would be more than enough to burst the pipes if it had nowhere to go. 


In a sealed system you have to allow for this expansion. This is done by adding an expansion vessel to the system pipework and it's often inside the boiler. The expansion vessel is just a chamber with a rubber diaphragm across the middle. One side of the expansion chamber is connected to the system pipework. The other side has a car tyre type valve so it can be pumped full of air. 


In manufacture the air side is pumped full of air, typically to about 1 bar (about 15 psi). This forces the diaphragm right across to the opposite wall of the chamber. When the central heating system is filled with water and pressurised (to about 1 bar) the water pushes the diaphragm back to about the middle 


Electric boilers


Electric boilers are closed containers that are used for water heating (for bath, shower, sink, other daily living needs). Electric boilers (electric storage water heaters) can be mounted in houses, flats, hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, offices, pensions, etc. with central heating system or water heating vat.

Benefits of electric boilers: 

  • Quick preparation of hot water.
  • Precise water temperature control.
  • Easy installation and connection.
  • Protection against water overheat or freezing.
  • Protection against corrosion.
  • Economy of heat and money (hot water on demand).
  • Safe exploitation.
  • Comfortable, easy handling



Types of electric boilers:


-      Suspended vertical electric boilers (rounded, square, small volumes up to 20 litres, non-pressure, pressure) – these water heaters can be suspended on the wall and have volumes up to 200 litres. The temperature ranges from 0 °C to 80 °C. The boilers have very low thermal loss.


Horizontal electric boilers – these water heaters can be mounted on the wall with suspensions or attached to any appropriate construction. The boilers have volumes of 100-200 litres. The temperature ranges from 0 °C to 80 °C.

Stationary electric boilers – these water heaters can be placed on the floor and have volumes of 100-1000 litres. The temperature ranges from 0 °C to 80 °C



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Reliable Family Run Business

 Twice recommended by "Time Out" / Awarded in 2008 and 2010  


For 24 HR emergency plumber, gas engineer, electrician, air-conditioning expert, builder, joiner, carpenter, painter, plasterer, LPG gas specialist, glazier, locksmith 

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