Alert! New Gas Rule

New Gas Safe Regulation : From 1 January 2013, any of our Gas Safe registered engineers will TURN OFF gas supply to the boiler in any property that has flues which run in ceiling spaces, and formally advise the property owner that the system is at "RISK" as it could put you in danger from carbon monoxide poisioning and the sytem isn't not to be used until inspection hatches have been fitted in appropriate placesYou will need to take action! The inspection hatches have to be fitted as soonest as possible.



Ease of Payment

We accept credit / debit cards for your convenience.This is useful when you come across emergency situations such as a serious water leak; it has to be sorted out  to protect your property or a nightmare heating problem in your rented property while you are not present or are in abroad. You can just make the payment via C/C or BACS transfer in anywhere 24/7 - It’s that
easy!  We carry out all COMMERCIAL CATERING, GAS and other commercial trades.


 24 Hour Call Out

We provide gas,plumbing,air-con and multi-trade services to commercial and domestic clients  with professionalism at all times from normal business days throughout festive periods Christmas, New Year,all holidays. Let's us deal with all emergencies for you. Call us anytime on : 02071667835 / 07765329957 (24 hrs a day)


Trusted Family Run!

As a FAMILY FORMED company you will have peace of mind that we will go extra miles for you.  You will be looked after well by all of us.  We have been recommended twice by “Time Out”  London.  We received many business awards  : Training & Delvelopment 2008, Best New Business 2010, Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 - 2011 and Growing Business 2012

07765329957 Recommended Painters N16 Newington Green (Awarded) N16 Stamford Hill, N20 Totteridge,Whetstone Palmers Green Painting Service N22 Alexandra N14 East Barnet

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“Reliable Family Run (Husband & Wife Formed)”

"Twice recommended by"Time Out" London in 2006"

"Finalist of the Training and Development Barking & Dagenham Business Awards 2008" 
"Finalist of  the "Best New Business"  and " Entrepreneur of the year" Kingston  Business Awards 2010"


Recommended Painting Company London N16  Newington Green Awarded Painters N16 Stamford Hill, N20 Totteridge & Whetstone   Palmers Green Painting Service N22 Alexandra Palace Good construction builders N14  East Barnet,SE2 Bostall Woods

Painting Service  is one of the services that we offer. We have great & reliable Builders, Joiners, Carpenters, Tillers, Decorators, Painters, Interior designers who can assist you with commercial & residential building work.

There are many types of service offered by Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services. Our building work’s covers :

1. Joiners – Joinery
2. Carpenters – Carpentry service
3. Reliable builder - Building contractors
4. Tilling service – general building work
5. Bathroom – Kitchen fitting
6. Plasters – Plastering service
7. Decorating service
8. Painter – Painting service
9. Roofers - Roofing service
10. Interior designers – Interior design
11. Building, home refurbishment



Basic Tips – When Doing Painting Yourself

When choosing a paint color for a room, the selection does not just stop at the precise color; the finish also plays an integral role in the project. What many may not realize is that there's 5-6 different paint finishes to choose from. Each finish has its own pros and cons which if not analyzed, could deter from the final outcome of the home painting project.

Here's a breakdown of each individual finish:

Matte Finish

Whether called flat finish or wall paint, this type of interior paint has a matte surface. This paint finish is usually used on interior walls. It's especially good if you have to camouflage small wall bumps, cracks, or other imperfections, as this finish does not reflect light. While some flat paints are advertised as washable today, you may need to touch up scratches or marks by covering with a bit more paint, so be sure you keep some on hand after you've finished painting.

Eggshell Finish

If you can picture the very low sheen of the shell of an egg, you have an idea of how an eggshell paint finish will appear. With only a slight hint of shine or gloss, it's good for walls and holds up better with cleaning than a flat finish paint.

Satin Finish

Satin finish paint has a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss. It is most often used for windows, doors, trim, or ceilings, but can also be used as wall paint. This is particularly suitable for kids' room walls, kitchens, or bathrooms, or in areas with a lot of traffic. Paint with a satin finish is formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing.

Flat Enamel

Flat enamel is paint with a durable flat, matte finish. It's a good choice for powder rooms and halls, as it holds up to occasional light cleaning.


Gloss finishes tend to give off a shiny finish imitating the appearance of enamel or plastic. This finish is not recommended for use on interior walls. A gloss finish is often seen on furniture and has recently become somewhat of a trend as a finish on cabinets and trim. A gloss finish provides a dramatic finish but has its disadvantages. Something to keep in mind when choosing a gloss finish is the paint finish will not hide imperfections. If anything the finish will magnify surface imperfections, so thoroughly assess your project area for dings and deep imperfections. Another helpful tip is sanding before starting to paint is necessary.

Color Style Studio 

Re-color photos of your house with Color Style Studio. See how your house exterior or interior will look like in virtually any color combination. Using our software it is possible to visualize anything, from your home to your car, in any color at all. No more wondering which composition is the best house paint color for you.

Interior Paint - Semi-Gloss

A semi-gloss paint finish is a wonderful choice for doors, cabinets, and trim in places like the kitchen and bathrooms. Semi-gloss can be easily cleaned and offers a delicate shine without too much gleam. Because of the slight sheen, imperfections are disguised better then say a glossy finish. To have to best outcome, it is recommended that the surface be thoroughly prepared before paint application. This process includes sanding out groves and puttying holes and indentations.

Hopefully the breakdown of each paint finish has helped you in selecting what kind of finish you want to give your interior home painting project. Never hesitate to ask your painting pro further questions and opinions about finishes in your home


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 Twice recommended by "Time Out" / Awarded in 2008 and 2010  


For 24 HR emergency plumber, gas engineer, electrician, air-conditioning expert, builder, joiner, carpenter, painter, plasterer, LPG gas specialist, glazier, locksmith 

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